About Us

InfoCities is a local hotels, travel, tours, restaurants and entertianment listings marketplace with live deals, events, articles, classifieds and city guide for cities around the world.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide users an easy way to find the best hotels, travel, tours, restaurants and entertainment in cities across the Globe. with information, including addresses, local/maps results, phone numbers, user reviews, deals, classifieds, events and recommendations.

For the travel providers: The main goal of InfoCities is to make your company show up on InfoCities search results and drive customers to your place of business and to your website.

InfoCities– Find The Best Hotels, Travel, Tours, Restaurants and Entertainment in Your City, What It Is and Why It's Useful.

When you need to find a hotel, tour, food, drink or entertianment in your area, how do you go about it? Chances are that you flip through the Yellow Pages or go online and do a quick web search. What you should know, however, is that neither of these methods are the most efficient and effective option for finding the businesses and services you need. Your best course of action is to turn to a trusted online hotels, travel, tours, food and entertainment listings, such as InfoCities. This particular site contains travel listings for cities all across the World and can be used by people from multiple locations around the globe.

One of the great things about using InfoCities is that you can search for exactly what you need. Put a keyword or two into the search box and specify your location, and you're good to go. You'll immediately have a comprehensive listing of organizations related to your search. You'll be able to view the business' contact information, as well as important details, such as hours of operation and services provided. You will also be able to click a link and visit the business' website when available, which is a great way to find out more about the organization.

Perhaps the best feature of InfoCities's local travel, tours, hotels, restaurants and entertainment listings, however, is that it also includes reviews of individual hospitality business. These are different from the testimonials you'll find on the business' actual site. Those are designed to promote and advertise for the company. The reviews found on InfoCities are actual real accounts of the experiences that real people just like you have had with that particular business. You'll instantly be able to learn the whole truth about the business and to make an informed decision about whether or not it is one you wish to work with. And, after you've used the business yourself, you can even write a review of your own experience. Make your voice heard, and let people know what your experience was like. If you had a good experience, writing a review is a wonderful way to say "thank you," and if you've had a bad one, it's a good way to keep others from making the same mistake you did.

What Makes InfoCities A Trustworthy?

  • Every hospitality provider listed in InfoCities has been added by the owner or an employee within the company.
  • All listings are manually reviewed and verified by the InfoCities Editorial Staff before being published.
  • All customer reviews are monitored for authenticity.
  • In addition to our local hotels, travel, tours, restaurants and entertianment listings, InfoCities offers live deals, classifieds, events, expert articles with  helpful advice, tips, and common-sense strategies to help you find and hire the best local hotels,travel, tours, restaurants and entertainment..

You can rest assured of our commitment to offering you a top quality businesses and services for your local needs.